Real Estate Litigation

Boyd & Kummer has extensive experience regarding Real Estate Litigation.  We understand that your home is usually your biggest investment.  Clients with defective homes live those problems every day.  While our business clients are able to go home at the end of the day our home owner clients get no relief because they live in the problem.

We have considerable experience with difficult real estate litigation ranging from:

  • Residential Real Property Disclosure Act litigation (defects the seller failed to disclose to you);
  • Negligence/fraud (i.e. you sold a house which leaks or floods; your developer/contractor performed a defective job);
  • Mold litigation;
  • Construction defects;
  • Contractor fraud;
  • Partition Actions – where ownership interests in properties must be separated;
  •  Mechanics lien – has a contractor placed a lien on your property;
  • Trespass proceedings – Your neighbor claims you are using his property;
  • Adverse possession – You have been using land as if it were your own for such a long time that the law gives you title;
  • Condominium law – disputes with Condominium associations and unit owners;
  • Specific Performance – to enforce a contract to purchase real estate.