Boyd & Kummer LLC understand the trauma and fear of dealing with D.C.F.S.  Your immediate fear is that the State is going to take your children away from you.  Moreover, a D.C.F.S. investigation will intrude into your home, children’s school, caregivers and doctors.  This can be a confusing process.  We can advise you regarding your rights.  We will explain the process and handle the investigation for you.  The earlier that you contact a lawyer regarding D.C.F.S the better.  If we are brought into an investigation early enough we are often able to obtain an “unfounded” result in which you are cleared of the allegations of abuse and neglect.

If the D.C.F.S. investigation is “indicated” you will be placed on the State’s register of people who have abused and neglected children.  This could prevent you from obtaining employment.  It could also prevent you from participating in events with your children such as Girl Scouts.  We will appeal this finding within the administrative agency and in the circuit court if needed.  We will fight for your rights and for your children. Our track record with these cases is excellent.