Practice Areas

Boyd & Kummer have experience in many different areas of law.  Some of those areas are listed here.  If your needs do not fit into one of these categories we may still be able to help or refer you to another lawyer that can.

Commercial Litigation

Boyd & Kummer have represented an extremely wide variety of commercial/business clients in an array of different matters. Boyd & Kummer believe that litigation should be as personalized and efficient as possible. As we are a small business ourselves we understand the unique challenges facing small business. We do not think that legal problems should put you out of business. We will help you find unique alternatives to litigation if possible. If litigation is necessary we will provide you with expert legal services at affordable prices.

Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested? This is a frightening situation where your liberty and future are at stake. You need an aggressive advocate who will fight for your rights. We have over 20 years of experience representing people charged with criminal offenses. This is when you need an experienced trial lawyer to defend you.


Boyd & Kummer LLC understand the trauma and fear of dealing with D.C.F.S. Your immediate fear is that the State is going to take your children away from you. Moreover, a D.C.F.S. investigation will intrude into your home, children’s school, caregivers and doctors. This can be a confusing process. We can advise you regarding your rights. We will explain the process and handle the investigation for you. The earlier that you contact a lawyer regarding D.C.F.S the better.


Boyd & Kummer LLC has defended clients charged with DUIs involving alcohol/drugs in cars, boats and snowmobiles. The charges range from first time DUI to reckless homicide. These are all serious charges because they have ramifications for your driver’s license. We will work with you to thoroughly investigate your case.

Personal Injury/Civil Rights

Boyd & Kummer have represented persons who have been wrongfully arrested, detained, incarcerated or imprisoned. Boyd & Kummer use their experience and knowledge of criminal law to the advantage of their clients in civil rights matters, often representing them in both the criminal and civil rights proceedings.

Real Estate Litigation

Boyd & Kummer has extensive experience regarding Real Estate Litigation. We understand that your home is usually your biggest investment. Clients with defective homes live those problems every day. While our business clients are able to go home at the end of the day our home owner clients get no relief because they live in the problem.