Commercial Litigation

Boyd & Kummer have represented an extremely wide variety of commercial/business clients in an array of different matters.  Boyd & Kummer believe that litigation should be as personalized and efficient as possible.  As we are a small business ourselves we understand the unique challenges facing small business.  We do not think that legal problems should put you out of business.  We will help you find unique alternatives to litigation if possible.  If litigation is necessary we will provide you with expert legal services at affordable prices.

Although it is impossible to list all of the types of commercial work we have been involved in some examples include the following:

  • Contractual disputes between companies and/or with their employees;
  • Disputes with insurance companies arising out of their failure to cover losses;
  • Property and real estate litigation between landowners and with landlords and tenants;
  • The prosecution or defense of claims alleging contractor, commercial and/or consumer fraud;
  • Legal and accounting malpractice;
  • Defense against claims by state and/or municipal entities including licensing disputes and/or actions by the Illinois Attorney General;
  • Bankruptcy Adversary actions which involve the prosecution of claims in bankruptcy against debtors committing fraud;
  • Bankruptcy Preference Actions where the U.S. Trustee seeks to have a business pay back to the estate monies that have been previously paid out by the debtor;